We provide unique services in developing and identifying new brands, selling techniques used in maximizing revenues,Packaging / bundling and brand communication elements. Our objective is to support businesses to achieve targets.

Brand name creation (logo) and slogan, brochures, newsletters, and all the other messages that impact how customers think of brand. We deliver measurable results that mean our clients achieve sustainable, profitable growth. Our projects will create an outcome that will prove you made the right decision in choosing Mimansa as your partner.

We try to achieve this objectives by incorporating the following while developing a client’s interest:

• Creativity

• Design

• T.V. Commercial Ads



Mimansa is a laboratory of ideas, creative workshop, a factory experiments in communication. Mimansa is the place where creativity takes shape and is realized with the aim of achieving the objectives set by the marketing plan in full compliance with budget and timing, optimizing resources and assets, achieving results that are characterized by freshness,innovation and, when necessary, irony.

• Logo design

• Advertising :1. Communications campaigns 2. Photo sessions & Post productions 3. Ad campaign planning

• Corporate branding : 1. Corporate identity design & Brochures etc. 2. Company profile



Mimansa creates a meeting point between design and advertising. Mimansa aims to create continuity between the language of graphic along with enhancing the Co-ordination of brand image and identity.

• Graphic Design

• Web Design


T.V. Commercial Ads

• Story board & concept

• Direction & production

• Optimization.